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General information

  • SERVICES are operated as close as possible to their scheduled times however, there are many circumstances beyond our control that affect the running of the service, such as, traffic congestion, weather, loading and unloading of passengers, etc. We therefore ask that you be patient whilst we get your children to and from school safely, should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call our office and we will be more than happy to help.
  • BUS PASSES - all returning students and eligible new applicant students will receive their passes through AUSTRALIA POST before the start of the school year. However, there will be many who haven't had a chance to put their application in together with the inevitable cliches that cause delays, so don't panic, we will allow students caught up in these situations to travel without their passes for the first two week of the first school term. PLEASE NOTE: if you have changed schools, home address OR any other change in circumstances you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE to free travel OR use your previous year Bus Pass. If you receive your NEW Bus Pass and the details are not correct on their you must contact our office immediately to have these details corrected.
  • BUS FARES - Top Up Fares, for STAS eligible students travelling to their school of choice as opposed to their closest state school, and Full Cash fares for STAS ineligible students MUST BE PAID to the driver when boarding

Remember, if you are not sure about anything OR have concerns, please don't hesitate to call our office on 38122520 if necessary, after hours on 0418165547

2016 Bus Passes

  • Students who are returning to school in 2016, and who are NOT starting YR 7 in 2016, that have NOT changed address or schools will have their 2016 Bus Pass automatically renewed by us. Their 2016 Bus Pass will be mailed out to the address we have on file and you should receive it before the 27th January 2016.
  • If you have changed schools and/or started YR 7 in 2016 and/or moved home, or any other changes in your circumstances YOU MUST RE-APPLY for your 2016 bus pass. Click here for a new application form (BTA FORM)
  • Students who are commencing school for the first time e.g. Prep, Year 1, etc, or entering Year 7 High School, need to completed a NEW APPLICATION FORM Click here for a new application form (BTA FORM) and send it to our office. If you have already completed one and sent it to our office we are processing these now and if your application is successful, your 2016 Bus Pass will be mailed out to you.

For more information on School Bus Passes and eligibility criteria etc. please click on the BUS PASSES tab in the menu above.

All FULL and PART PASSES now printed and mailed

we have now processed all Bus Passes and you should recieve them in the mail by Monday. Bus Drivers will be expecting students who do not present a Southern Cross Transit Bus Pass to pay the FULL CASH FARE as from Monday 8th February. If you have not then contact our office for more information
(CLICK HERE for contact information)

S30 WMAC Service - morning service change

As from Monday 22nd February the pick up times for the S30 morning service  to West moreton Anglican College have been altered to address late arriving at school in the mornings and to ensure the safety of students we have found it necessary to alter the timings for this service. Should this change create any new concerns or issues please contact our office immediately so that we may consider these concerns.
(CLICK HERE for more information)


we are still processing these passes and we should have these printed and posted by the end of this week, so you should receive them by Monday 15th February 2016. If you haven't received your Safety-Net Bus Pass by then your application may have been declined, please contact our office for more information.
(CLICK HERE for contact information)

Bus Drivers will be expecting students who do not present a Southern Cross Transit Bus Pass to pay the FULL CASH FARE as from Tuesday 16th February 2016..

2016 Services Start Dates

ALL SERVICES will recommence on Wednesday 27th January 2016

2016 Winternationals Shuttle Bus

We are proud to announce that we will again be operating in partnership with Willowbank Raceway a FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE to and from the track from Saturday the 11th  till Sunday the 12th June. For a copy of the schedule please CLICK HERE

When will get my 2016 Bus Pass?

  • 2016 BUS PASSES with TOP-UP Fares - this years colour will be BLUE and BROWN and will be issued to students not travelling to their closest state school such as WMAC and some from KENMORE HIGH that live in our contract area. These passes are being processed and will be mailed out to you and you should recieve them by the end of January or early February.
  • 2016 FREE BUS PASSES -  this year colour will be RED and all applications for Distance and some Safety Net eligible students received before Wednesday 16th January will be processed and passes will be posted by the end of January or early February.
  • APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER Wednesday 16th January will be processed as soon as we can, however, we are flat out dealing with the start of the school year and parents coming into our office to get that last minute bus pass. So, whilst we will endeavour to have them all out by the cut off date i.e. 15th February, we may not be able to do them all. Help yourself and us by applying in person at our office at 251 Mt Crosby Rd, KARALEE because we can issue all eligible passes over the counter. 
  • PENSION or HEALTH CARE CARD Bus Passes (can be RED or BLUE) - these are categorised as Safety Net Bus Passes and are only renewed each year by QUEENSLAND TRANSPORT. So if nothing has changed and they approve your renewal you will get these passes posted to you by the end of January or early February.
  • WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR BUS PASS - the most common question we get this early in the school year is "my child's friends, neighbour etc. have got their bus pass but our children have not". Quite often some circumstance has changed, e.g. your address, etc, which is why your bus pass has not been processed, so please contact our office as soon as you can so we can sort this out for you. In the meantime, please use your old 2015 Bus Pass until your new one arrives.
    * If you paid a TOP UP Fare last year you will need to pay that as you board the bus.
    * If you have lost or misplaced your 2015 pass then tell the driver when boarding the bus.
    * If you are a new applicant and awaiting the processing of your pass, please tell the driver this and they will allow you to travel in the meantime BUT you must pay a TOP FARE where applicable.

ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A VALID BUS PASS by Monday the 15th February 2016 or FULL FARE must be paid to the the driver when boarding the bus.